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This REGISTER (established in 1998), contains a database of identified persons in vintage photographs found in repositories and private collections located in the United States. The time period is limited to those images made before and during the 1800s with the inclusion of the photos made in the early 1900s of those persons who were considered to be ancient at that time.

The collection is indexed by last name and may be viewed after clicking on the word register above. Use of the SEARCH engine is HIGHLY recommended as thousands of names are not listed in the index. For more information about a photo, contact the repository indicated on each image (XXX-00 last line of each page). A list of the repositories may be seen by clicking on  SOURCES. Links to other repositories may be found on that page as well.

A category of UNKNOWNS has been added to aid identification in the future. These files will be electronically compared with all new and existing entries for a match as well as being accessible to researchers for possible identification.

The Robertson Register was compiled by Judith Y. Robertson who may be reached by email at Anyone wishing to add their photographs to this research database is urged to contact her.

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