Wm Pirson Saloon

From left: Magdalena (Helen) Pirson (Detenbeck), William Pirson (her brother), ? , Maid, Wagon driver, 2 unknown children.

Velma Heist Warren said that her grandmother (Magdalena Helen Pirson Detenbeck) told stories of having to work in her brother’s saloon. Velma said that the gambling in the saloon was the reason why her grandmother would never allow playing cards with faces.

There is doubt about the identifications. The brother who owned the saloon may have been Philip, or it equally may have been William. The woman identified in this picture as Magdalena (Helen) does not closely resemble other pictures of that person.

From the collection of Velma Heist Warren.

Group/photo - 4.5 x 7 inch picture.

BIS-02  03saloon