Sharp sisters

Daughters of Jacob Van Alstyne Sharp and Mary Chatfield, all born in upstate New York.

Back left:
Libby Sharp, 1830-1937, who married Minor Ward

Back right:
Harriet Sharp, born July 11, 1833, who married a Mr. Drake

Front, from left:
Susan Sharp, November 17, 1848 to January 30, 1905, who married John Farmer.
Sylvia C. Sharp, June 19, 1836 to November 30, 1905, who married Chester Clark, Jr.
Kate Sharp, about 1837 to October 15, 1931, who married Henry Lockwood.
Francis Sharp, born about 1835, who married Lyman Denton.

Sylvia Sharp Clark is the great, great grandmother of Andra Ilene Riggs Schmidt.

Group/photo - c.1903

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