Frances Squire Potter

b. Nov. 12, 1867, d. Mar. 25, 1914.

A note in Margaret McConn Bishop's handwriting adds: "Professor of English at U. of Minnesota. She fostered romance between Prudence Pratt & Max McConn."

The reverse of this picture is the table of contents from "Life and Labor" magazine, dated May, 1914!  The publisher is the National Women's Trade Union League of America, 127 N. Dearborn St., Chicago.
There was a biography of this person in the magazine. Other articles are: "Organization of Women Workers in Germany", "The Colored People of Chicago",  "The Hunger Bargain in Michigan", "Tom Mann on the IWW", etc.
There is a story by Lucy Pratt. Unfortunately the table of Contents seems to be all that remains of the magazine.

BIS-02  FSPotter