Katie and Reuben Morningstar

They lived near Will and Mella Detenbeck in Canada, and Katie nursed Grace Detenbeck (Nigh) when Grace was a baby Mella did not have enough milk. Grace said that she owed her life to Katie Morningstar. Kate's maiden name was Detenbeck.

Caroline Pirson (1852-1908) married John Weaver (1847-1921). One of their children was Katie. She married Reuben Morningstar.

Caroline Pirson was Magdelena (Helen) Pirson Detenbeck's sister. There are many pictures of Magdalena elsewhere in the Register, under Detenbeck, Heist and Pirson. One of the pictures (Pirson, Magdalena & Carrie - c. 1860s?) includes Catherine's mother Caroline.


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