Emily Ellen Palmer   Borshel    Cashatt
b.Feb 08 1910 in Buffalo NY
d.Mar 26, 1951 in Buffalo NY

She was a nurse at Buffalo State Hospital in the Tubercular Ward. A woman spat in her face and she got TB and became a patient in that ward. The whole family went into a deep mourning that they never really recovered from. Her father died 5 days later of a broken heart. My Grandma Inez never set foot in the farmhouse they lived in in Glenwood NY again. She moved to an apartment in Buffalo. I heard about it my whole life. I look exactly like her and in his dementia, my dad called me Emily for 5 years. I didn't mind, but it sure did bother other people.

She married Albert Borshel, divorced him, and married Jim Cashatt, who she met at the hospital. He was a patient there. They moved to Arizona for a while for his health and returned to NY when he recovered. She went back to work, and got sick, and died.
I haven't been able to find out anything about these two men.


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