Young/Iltis gathering

L-R back row: Charles Theodore Young; unknown; Albert Frederic Young; Henry Mathias Young; Eugene Young; Madelaine Young (Mrs. Henry Eder); Mabel Young, daughter of Henry Mathias; Elmer Young; Horace Young. L-R middle row: unknown; Margaret A. McKercher (Mrs. Eugene Young); unknown; unknown; Magdelena Iltis (Mrs. Henry Young); Barbara Iltis, sister of Magdelena; Mary F. Peters (Mrs. Albert Frederic Young); Frieda A. Meyer (Mrs. Elmer F. Young). L-R children on front row: Donald and Dorothy Young (twins); and Kenneth Young, son of Henry Mathias Young.

The three unknown women could be: Martha Bach (Mrs. Henry Mathias Young); Lizzie Katzung (Mrs. Charles Theodore Young); and Mary Baldensperger (Mrs. Mathias Henry Iltis).

Group/photo - c.1914

FRF-01 EKY-845