george cunnungham mcwhorterGeorge Cunningham McWhorter

Great-uncle of Cliff Dyar and brother of his grandmother Dyar.

According to Cliff, "George was by all accounts something of a soldier of fortune and a restless spirit. He served in the army in General Pershing's pursuit of Pancho Villa along the Mexican border. Soon after, he served in the army during WWI, but I don't think he was sent overseas."

"He moved frequently and held a wide variety of jobs. He eventually settled down in Grand Bay, Mobile, Alabama, where he operated a chicken farm. Why he went there and chose that occupation, no one knows. As well as is known, he resided there about fifteen years before his death in 1945. He is buried at Buckhead, Morgan County, Georgia, along with his parents and other family members."

"Photos of George are very scarce, at least those in which he is easily recognizable.

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