Henry I. Valgamore and Velma Helen Valgamore

Henry I. Valgamore holds his daughter Velma Helen Valgamore. Velma was born My 03, 1888 in Watson Creek, Fountain Township, Fillmore County, MN and died May 20, 1975 in Harlowton, Wheatland County, MT.

Velma married Edgar Jackson Riggs July 24, 1912 (or July 12, 1912) in Jackson, MN. A few months after their marriage, they took an immigration train to Montana and homesteaded near Melville, MT near the homestead of her mother, Alice May Clark Valgamore. After a few years Edgar and Velma moved to Harlowtown, MT where Edgar ran a creamery. Velma made and sold rag rugs and braided rugs from her home and also sold small life insurance policies. She and Edgar had 6 children who lived to adulthood.

Velma was the paternal grandmother of Andra Ilene Riggs Schmidt

Group/photo - Watson Creek, MN - c.1888

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