Clark Henry B. McKenzie family

Back row L-R: Clark Hugh McKenzie, Addie McKenzie Burgess, William Berton McKenzie, Stella McKenzie Wilcox. Front row L-R: Amanda Clark McKenzie, Jennie McKenzie Clippert, Clark Henry B. McKenzie

The McKenzie daughters were: Addie (Mrs. Charles Burgess) 13 Sep 1871-1962 Oct 28, Stella (Mrs. Walter Wilcox) 13 Feb 1873-1939 Nov 14, Jennie (Mrs. George Clippert) 8 Dec 1878-1973 Mar 21.

Clark Hugh McKenzie (son on left) was born on August 2, 1875 in Monore County Michigan. Hugh was married October 23,  1901 to Carrie May Green. He died December 10, 1953 in Detroit, Michigan..

The older son, William Berton McKenzie (Bert) was born  February 4, 1870, in Monroe County, Michigan. Bert was married to Ava Lautenschlager November 20, 1895 they divorced three years later. His second marriage was to Mary (Mate) Vizard the daughter of Edward Vizard on April 18, 1898. They were both born in 1870 and died in 1959. Bert died  November 8, 1959.

Group/cabinet card - c.1888

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