This is James Duncan "Big Jim" McGregor, and Catherine America Sharpe on their wedding day, Feb.3,1881, Montgomery County, Ga. (Color added by studio in Vidalia, Ga.)
James Duncan McGregor born in Mt. Vernon Ga. Nov. 26, 1856, died In Lumber City, Ga. 1930. His parents were Danial McGregor, born Nov.19, 1809 in North Carolina. He married Nancy Ann McNatt Feb.13,1842. She was born Sept.15, 1816 in North Carolina Danial died Dec. 21, 1889. Ann died Sept. 6, 1901.
His bride, Catherine America Sharpe's parents were Mathew and Nancy C McMillian, daughter of Angus and Nancy C. (McMillian) McLeod. She was born June 27, 1824. Died in 1940.They were maried Jan. 1, 1852.  Their childnen were: Lura Ametmuth (Mettie), Mch.7. 1883-1967, James Madison (Little Jim), (Roy's father) Apr. 14, 1886-1934,   Nellie Crawford Mch. 12, 1889-1960,  Danial Emory Sept.9, 1890-1966,  Catherine Ann Feb. 27, 1893,  Agnes Gladys Nov. 21, 1896,  Rob Roy, Feb. 21, 1899.

Group/photo - 1881

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