Inscription on back reads: "Been to funeral of Frank Robinson"

Photo found in the album of the Richard Henry Porter family of Apalachicola, Florida. Another copy can be found at the Florida State Archives in Tallahassee.

Identified as Masons posing in the street:
From left to right: John Ford, Rube Harrison, Noah Coleman, unknown, George A. Patton, Sr., Captain Jim Pickett, John E. Grady, unknown, A. H. Hoppe, R. M. Yent, Sr., Ed Smith, Sr., unknown, Frances Keith, John W. Wakefield Sr., Dr Alexander, Mr. Witham, unknown, Charles Cumbersworth, Sr., Jim Moore, (next four are unknown) Valentine M. Hoffman, Sr., (next two unknown) Dr. Rush.

Group/cabinet card

POR-07 jtp-002