pearl ellenetta woosleyPearl Ellenetta Woosley 1888-1959

Pearl came from a large family. Her father,
Samuel Augustus Woosley, was a preacher and a student of the Bible.  He was

so well recognized that he was part of editorial board that made the final revisions on the American Revised Standard Version of the Bible during the late  1800’s.

She was united in marriage to Rufus Frederick Bishop,
on April 19, 1917, at Winston-Salem, North Carolina, in the Home Moravian Church.

Pearl was a trained nurse, having graduated from the University of Pennsylvania,which was a great source of pride for her and a means of acceptance in certain circles in Nicaragua – she wasn't just a zealous, little missionary wife.  She had a little clinic set up in the house in Sandy Bay serving some Miskito patients in the area.

Pictured here is Rufus Bishop’s first sight of Pearl


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