Robert Ligon McWhorter 1819-1908

Born in Bowling Green, Georgia, he was the third son of Hugh McWhorter and Helena Ligon. He was married to Nancy Winifred Janes, who was the daughter of Absolom Janes and Dordelia Callaway. Winifred lived only four years following their marriage and died, leaving one son, Robert Ligon McWhorter, Jr.

In 1849 he was married to Nancy Pope Thurmond. Five children were born of that marriage: James Vason, John Alexander, Hamilton, Julia Pope, and Jessie Boyd McWhorter.

He began life as a merchant in Penfield, Georgia. He was either a member of the House of Representatives or a member of the Senate during a thirty year period which included his term as Speaker of the House of Representatives.

This photo is in the collection of Hamilton McWhorter of El Cajon, California. A painting made from this photo was presented to the Madison County Historical Society many years ago.


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