From the left the first man in line is my uncle, Allan Cicero Raby,  Engineer Southern Ry.
Born in LaGrange Ga. August 3, 1868
Died  in Macon, Ga. April 4, 1956
:Married "Mettie" McGregor of Mt. Vernon, Ga. (daughter of "Big Jim" and Cathern Sharpe McGregor).
Four children:  Cecil,  Swint,  Mary, (Mrs. S. T Parkerson of McRae, Ga.) and Hubert.
Sorry, I could not identify the others. They are the train crew, and railroad officials I think.  The vintage locomotive had an oil burning headlight.  Mr. Raby was promoted to engineer in 1897. I think the time of the photo was about 1900.
The Ocmulgee Hotel in Lumber City, Ga. is in the background. 

Landscape/photo - c.1900

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