From left:
John Henry Volgamore, Charles Earnest Volgamore, Glen M. Volgamore,
Coy Clark Valgamore, and Ivan Richard Valgamore.

These men are all related, in spite of the two spellings of their last names, sharing variously, grand or great grandfathers.  John and Charles are the sons of William Volgamore (born 9/20/1836 in Pike County, OH) and Drucilla Fitzgerald. Glen M. Volgamore is the son of John Henry.

Coy and Ivan Valgamore are (sons of Henry Ilandrew Valgamore) are the grandsons of Joseph Martin Volgamore. Henry Ilandrew changed his name before his marriage to Alice May Clark.

John Henry was born about 1860 and married Ella Maud Marshall.

Charles Earnest was born about 1861, had 5 children, and lived in Beaver City, NE before 1970.

Glen Volgamore was born about 1900, one of John Henry Volgamore's 4 sons and 1 daughter. Glen married Dorothy Chambers and with her had one son and one daughter.

Coy Clark Valgamore was born 1/29/1894 in Jackson, MN and died May 1981 at Big Timber, MT. He never married.

Ivan Richard Valgamore was born 6/9/1886 in Jackson, MN and died 4/27/1962. With his third wife, Ethel Belyea May, he had 3 children.

Group/photo - c.1952

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